Meu Dia Alimentar is the first interactive food guide, created for all brazilians. Interacting with this practical and innovative guide, the user is able to make their own food choices according to their preferences and habits, following the proportions indicated by the Brazilian Food Guide, to achieve a personalized and healthy eating.

The foods are divided into groups according to their nutritional properties, following the official recommendation, each group is represented by a color. Each food and its respective serving is represented by a piece of the puzzle, that must be placed on a color base in proportion to the indicated amount of servings during one day. That way, the user can visualize in a engaging way if their daily diet is balanced without excess or lack of some group.

In July 2014, the project was successfully crowd-funded and is now under implementation.

In the beginning of 2014 we created a first prototype that allowed us to test it with children of elementary schools near São Paulo, and the results were encouraging. From a brief introduction on the operation of Meu Dia Alimentar, the students, 7-10 years old, were able to conclude about healthy eating habits, for example, the importance of doing about six meals a day and make intelligent substitutions in different meals, to achieve a healthy diet.