Lapso is a conceptual exhibition, to take place in a museum located in one of the busiest São Paulo avenues. It's goal is to have visitors reflect on the perception of time, how it passes, how it changes and influences our lives. It also sets questions about the rhythm contemporary life, rush, and the lack of appreciation for slow-paced and contemplative experiences.

At the entrance, visitors are asked how much time do they have for the visit, and are given an personalised guide containing only so many attractions as to fill that timespan.

Lapso would enable visitors to experience time through a variety of medias: from text, to images, interactive installations, curiosities and science.

At the back of the room sits the main piece: a whole wall dedicated to a digital collaborative timeline. People can use totems and mobile apps to feed any event into the database: birthdays, special dates, historical events, and see how that event relates to all other inputs given. 

The visualisation of this data provides a new perspective on how small our most precious moments are when put in context with the whole rest of history.